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Why You Need Our Home Measuring Service
Size Matters: The size of a home is one of the key factors buyers and sellers use when determining the value of a property.
Money Might be Left on the Table: If value and size are inextricably linked, you may be leaving money on the table for your client if you list a home as being smaller than it actually is. On the flip side, if you market a home as being larger than it truly is, you may end up with an angry buyer or an appraisal that doesn’t come in at a value that will support the financing requirements of the transaction.
Peace of Mind is Priceless: When you KNOW the size of your listing, your CMA and your guidance to your seller for pricing are stronger. Stand behind the numbers for your real estate pricing recommendations with confidence and peace of mind.
When you need more than just a calculation of a home’s Gross Living Area (GLA), our measuring service can provide a more detailed representation of a home’s layout. Our home measuring services sketches show accurate exterior wall measurements of the dwelling.
We will make the scheduling call on the day YOU call – your clients will not have t
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